In recent years, requirements for the development of rating systems have become much more stringent. One reason for this has been the advent of pan-European financial and capital market regulation, the goal of which is to regulate many details of internal (rating) models so as to make the results of such models more readily comparable across Europe. Another reason is that many companies outside the finance industry already use internal rating processes to manage their own counterparty default risks better.

With our brochure, we want to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our service portfolio and acquaint you with our high quality standards. That entails describing not only of our process organisation and pool governance structure, but, in particular, the main model-, IT- and project-related issues that are of importance when you opt for CredaRate. Secondly, the brochure details, in a clear and concise form, the salient points of our application range and the design features of our pool-based rating models.

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